Associates Operating Agreement - What's Changed

We will make the following updates to the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement and Program Policies effective March 5, 2024:

  • Clarified that age thresholds for children may be determined by applicable guidelines as well as laws or regulations
  • We have updated the Promotional Limitations to clarify the definition of “offline promotions” and allow for expanded messaging capabilities.
  • We have clarified that Program Content and Special Links should not be used in connection with generative AI. 
  • We have revised the Responsibility for Your Site to call out “dependency services” that creators use.
  • We have revised the Associates Program IP License to clarify that the use of PA API content is not permitted in conjunction with machine learning models. 
  • We updated the Amazon Influencer Policy with the following changes:
    1. Removed (c) Marketing section. This section become redundant with the changes to the Promotional Limitations section.
    2. amendment to AIP s3(c) to clarify that Influencer is responsible for following ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permits, guidelines, codes of practice, industry standards, self-regulatory rules, judgments, decisions, or other requirements of any applicable governmental authority, including those related to disclosures
  • We have removed language related to the requirements applicable to dynamically generated product links.