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Standard Program Fees

Subject to the limitations described in this Fee Statement and compliance with the Associates Program Operating Agreement, we will pay you standard fees described in this section (”Standard Program Fees”), calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenue, as follows:

For Qualifying Purchases of Products within product categories specified in Table 1 below, the Standard Program Fees accrued will be the corresponding fixed rate of Qualifying Revenue specified in this table:

TABLE 1 – Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories

Product Category Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates
Apparel, Shoes 12.00%
Kindle & Alexa Devices, Fire TV Stick, Watches, Jewellery, Luggage & Bags, Toys & Baby Products, Home, Kitchen & Kitchen Appliances, Home Improvement & Tools, Sports, Fitness & Outdoors 10.00%
Books, Health & Personal Care, Personal Care Appliances, Pantry Food & Drinks, Office & Stationery, Musical Instruments, Pets, Lawn & Garden, Industrial Products 8.00%
Consumer Electronics & Accessories, Mobile Phones, Televisions, Music, Movies, Video Games, Software, Major Appliances 5.00%
Automotive 4.50%
Tyres 3.00%
Ebooks, Gift Cards 2.00%
All Other Categories 10.00%


Special Program Fees

From time to time, we may run general special programs that may provide all or some Associates the opportunity to earn additional or alternative fees (“Special Program Fees”). For the avoidance of doubt (and notwithstanding any time period described in this section), Amazon reserves the right to discontinue or modify all or part of any special program at any time. All such special programs (even those which do not involve purchases of Products) are subject to disqualifying exclusions substantially similar to those identified in Section 2 of this Fee Statement, and any restriction under the Program Documents applicable to a Product purchase will also apply on a substantially similar basis as restrictions for special programs.


Bounty Events

As described in the table below, you will earn Special Program Fees described in this Section 4(a) in connection with “Bounty Events” which occur when (1) our customer, who must be eligible for the Bounty Event as described in Table 2 below, clicks through a Special Link on your Site to a bounty-specific homepage on an Amazon Site, and (2) during the resulting Session our customer completes the bounty action described in Table 2 below:

TABLE 2 – Bounty Events and Special Program Fees

Bounty-Eligible ProgramHomepageBounty ActionEligible CustomerBounty Rate
Amazon Baby Wishlist Creationhttp://www.amazon.com.au/baby-regSuccessful creation of, and addition of at least 1 item to, an Amazon Baby WishlistA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for the creation of an Amazon Baby Wishlist on Amazon.com.au and who has not previously created an Amazon Baby Wishlist on Amazon.com.au$5.00
Amazon Prime Free Trialhttp://www.amazon.com.au/tryprimefreeSuccessful registration for Amazon Prime Free TrialA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for Amazon Prime Free Trial$4.00
Amazon Prime Video Free Trialhttp://www.primevideo.comSuccessful registration for Amazon Prime Free Trial via Prime Video in AustraliaA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for the Amazon Prime Video Free Trial in Australia$4.00
Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trialhttps://www.amazon.com.au/music/unlimitedSuccessful registration for Amazon Music Unlimited Free TrialA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for the Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial$4.00
Amazon Kindle Unlimited Free Trialhttps://www.amazon.com.au/kindleunlimitedSuccessful registration for Amazon Kindle Unlimited Free TrialA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Free Trial$5.00
Amazon Kindle Unlimited Promotional Offershttps://www.amazon.com.au/kindleunlimitedSuccessful registration for Amazon Kindle Unlimited 2-month or 3-month promotional offerA customer who meets the eligibility requirements for the 2-month or 3-month Amazon Kindle Unlimited promotional offer$5.00



Amazon will determine in its sole discretion, in each case, whether a Bounty Event has occurred or has been disqualified due to a violation or other abuse (for example, registrations made using invalid email addresses, use of bots or automated software, multiple Bounty Events by a single person, repetitive Bounty Events, Bounty Events from your IP address, and Bounty Events that do not result from Special Links on your Site).

Special Links to the bounty-specific homepages listed in Table 2 are permitted in connection with the corresponding bounty, notwithstanding the Associates Program Participation Requirements.