Program Overview
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Reports Centre
The Reports Centre is designed to give you valuable insights to easily manage and optimise your performance.
We provide easy to read reports that contain extensive data about the performance of your links to empower you to optimise your performance in the programme. This information includes details on your traffic, earnings, conversion rates, and link types. Our near real-time reports ensure that you have the information you need to maximise the earning potential of your site.

Key features include:

  • Enhanced graphical interface for ease of use and understanding key information.
  • Near real-time reporting for orders to help optimize campaign performance and conversion throughout the day.
  • Earnings breakdown by programme – see earnings from advertising fees at a glance in the Summary tab and see further details in the Fees tabs.
  • Downloadable reports that allow you to organise and explore your data as you like.

What report types are available to Associates?
  • Earnings - This report provides a detailed list of all earnings from your product referrals, including an overview of any bonus earnings.
  • Orders - The Orders report lists products that were ordered after an Associates referral and provides information about how customers were referred (or linked) to those products.
  • Link-Type - The Link-Type report shows performance of the differing link and placement types offered by the Associates programme as it relates to product orders and shipments.
  • Daily Trends - This report tells you the number of unique visitors that you referred to from your website.
  • Tracking ID Summary - With Tracking IDs, you can analyse the performance of multiple websites or marketing strategies while accumulating earnings under a single Associates ID. We provide summaries for all Tracking IDs that have activity in the requested time period. We also provide Tracking ID information for each transaction that has occurred via your Associate links.
  • Payment History - You can view all of the advertising fees that you have earned, any adjustments to your account, and any payments that have been disbursed.