How to select the best products to feature on your Website

We believe the most successful approach is for you to feature products that best match your site's content and the interests of your visitors. For example, if your site is about cooking, you might want to promote the book Mowgli Street Food. Tips you should keep in mind when selecting products:

  • Identify products that match your site content. Narrow your picks by searching on for specific products, keywords, and categories that match the topic of your Web site. View your results first by product line, and then sort by other criteria, e.g., sales rank or average customer review.
  • Consider product cross-merchandising. Many of your visitors have an interest in a wide variety of products. Take advantage of this by promoting items from across the broad catalog, thereby capturing more sales. For example, if you're already featuring a best-selling cookbook on your site, you should think about increasing your sales by featuring other relevant products, like small kitchen appliances and cooking utensils.
  • Discover additional products to feature using Amazon's similarities service. On the detail page of a product you've already identified as appropriate for your site, click the "Explore Similar Items" link to find more.
  • Review your Orders Reports to find out what products customers purchase after visiting your site--you may wish to promote some of these products directly. Learn more about analyzing information in reports here.
  • Try promoting higher-priced products. Featuring a range of price points gives you the chance to make higher commissions.

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